You can only go forward in time

Time is a fickle concept. For centuries mankind has been obsessed with knowing the time of day. We are really good at measuring time, down to nanoseconds, and recording time accurately, using atomic clocks.

We began our obsession by keeping track of the relative position of the sun. Mankind became quite clever a long, long time ago of noting the position of the sun in the sky. After making many observations year after year we could tell the approximate time of day, the day of the month and the seasons of the year. You might say this was the science side of  time and lead to the development of our first clocks. ‘Stonehenge’ and the ‘Sun Dial’ are two examples.

But what exactly is time? That’s the fickle part.Our philosophical and spiritual contemplations have addressed that question for many centuries. We still do not have a complete answer.

As you experience nature, notice that time equals change. Nothing in our life is permanent. Seasons come and go in cycles. Animals, plants, rocks and continents come and go. Species evolve and become extinct.

Time manifests itself in cycles. Within those cycles entities experience birth, life and death. For some that life will last for a short time. Subatomic particles created in a particle accelerator exist but for a moment. Rocks are created form molten lava and can exist for billions of years.

Time is also a one way street. You can only go forward in time. You can remember the past but you cannot turn around and go back in time. Its only through the cycles of time that a path can be repeated. Each cycle is different. Each year, season, month and day is different from all the others. Each life is different and each and every moment is different.

Alpine path

So the next time you walk down that path which you have walked down many times, notice the subtle differences. That’s when you will be in the moment and closest to nature.

Travel that path and Be Amazed…

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