Flowers in the vase

imageMarch, in like a lion, out like a lamb. So the saying goes and so it rings true most years.

Seattle is a maritime climate, so you can expect periods of seemingly endless days raining grey. Not fifty shades of grey, just grey. If you live elsewhere, especially in the midwest or northeast that grey translates to white this year.

But its easy to add a little color to your life. Buy some tulips, put them in a vase and place them in a prominent location. Whenever you pass by, take a moment to just appreciate the beauty they express.

If you like to sit quietly for a few minutes each day, focus your gaze on one flower. Contemplate the intricate design of that beauty. Maybe you will get some insight into the mystery of that single flower’s creation and that will suffice to help you understand the great mystery of the universe.

Be amazed…

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