Plants as Pets?

Often they are invisible, the plants we keep. Some grow inside our homes, many grow in our gardens. Others live naturally in nature and have captured our attention. Unlike dogs, cats, birds and reptiles, we do not commonly associate plants as pets. We give plants attention and care. Feed, prune and nurture. If we don’t they often die or struggle. Yet we do not regard them in the same manner as our animal friends.

We should consider why this is the case. With what significance do we regard plants as lifeforms? The closer a life form is to our own human form, the more mindful we are of their significance. We regard chimpanzees, whales and elephants as almost equals, due to their similarity to our human thought processes. Insects and plants get little respect.

Why? Plants are fellow lifeforms. Intrinsically, they are based on the same model as animals. Organic carbon lifeforms, utilizing amino acid proteins which are produced genetically from DNA codes.

On the surface, most lifeforms are different from human, but deep, deep down at a fundamental level, every species is equally sacred. Each individual of every species is unique and is blessed with the gift of being alive and as such should be treated with respect.

So why not plants as pets. If there is a particular plant that you are drawn to, then consider it a friend and create your own personal relationship.

My friend Tina had a spiritual relationship with a tree. It was about a half mile from her house on the hillside. She would walk to the tree every day and then sit quietly over looking the surrounding valley. Tina named the tree the “Yew” tree.

I now live in the house that Tina once lived and have walked to the Yew tree many times to sit under it’s branches. The Yew tree died last summer in a wildfire.

Get out there and be amazed…

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