Winter Crab Season

The Salish Sea is glassy calm. A ribbon of fog floats just above the masts of the sailboats floating on their moorings. Opening day begins for the winter Dungeness Crab season.

Folks gather on the public dock to deploy their crab pots. Its a social scene where friends greet and new freinds meet. Occasionaly someone hauls in their pot. Eveyone gathers to see if any keepers are among the crabs. Keepers are male crabs at least 6.25 inches wide, daily limit five.

You feel a connection with nature. The dock moves up and down with the tide. Sealife and waterfowl abound. No rush, no timelines. Just waiting for the crabs to scurry by. The best chance of a catch is on the incoming tide when the tidal push brings the crabs.

Hunter-gatherers throughout time have shared the same experiences as they tune into the cycles of nature.

Soon we have our limit and look forward to a feast tonight. Currently crab meat is selling for $40 per pound, another reason to be a hunter-gatherer.

Get out there and be amazed…

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