Walk in the Woods

Go for a walk in the woods. Before you know it winter will encroach, the holiday season gears up and you may not have another good opportunity till spring. There are often very nice days this time of year for a pleasant stroll.

A stroll it should be! No destination, no hurries, no cell phone turned on. 

Give attention to the details. Little things not often noticed when you are in a hurry. Mushrooms are in season. The autumn light filters through treetops. The sound of birds not seen.

Each step can be an adventure in awareness. Often its difficult to slow down. A stroll becomes a hike. Your watch nags you about the next planned event and your mind begins to hurry and scurry along. Let go of the plan.

Take a camera or a sketchbook. Notice someting interesting and stop to appreciate the moment. Delete the photos later or tear up the drawing. It doesn’t matter. Its the act of engagement that will give you that direct experience and create a spiritual connection with nature.

Get out there and be amazed…

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