Mt Baker in the distance

Even from afar Mt Baker is huge. It is not even a standard mountain, but one of the great volcanoes located in the Cascade mountain range that tower above everything else. Baker is the northern anchor, the next in line is Mt Ranier.

I have lived in the northwest for many years. Baker seems unchanged by time. But that would be people time. The mountains have their own internal clock, where a human life is not even a moment in mountain time.

Tick, tick, tick and a hundred years have passed. Every now and then an eruption or a tectonic plate movement to disturb the elusion of serenity. Just ask Mt Saint Helens what happened in 1980!

Humans, absorbed in their own preoccupations barely give them the time of day. Yet pay a visit up close and you stand before them in awe.

Get out there and be amazed…

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