Rock n Rolling

You can spend many enjoyable hours strolling down the beach or a river bank looking at the variety of beatiful stones. Most have been shaped and polished by eons spent rolling around in the water and sand.

Notice that when they are wet, the stones shine like jewels. When they dry, their luster fades.

You can easily put a permanent shine on those stones with a rock tumbler. We purcheased one from Lortone and found out how easy it is to polish river rocks. The tumbler was placed in the garage in a tray in case one of the containers leaked.

Skills needed are minimal, patience is the required talent. The rocks go into a container with water and polishing compound. They are then tumbled 24/7 for many weeks. Three to four different grits are used to get a progressively finer polish. Each grit requires 7 to 10 days of tumbling.

After five weeks of rock and rolling, the results were stuning. 

Get out there and be amazed…

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