Hi, I’m Denny

Outdoorsman, scientist, writer, eco-spiritualist.

imageA degree in mathematics and science from UNC Chapel Hill are an important part of my background. There I also wrestled on the varsity team.

During my corporate years I worked in the banking industry and as a consultant designing computer information systems.

After that I immersed myself in martial arts and seeking the spiritual meaning of “Who am I ?”, exploring many religions in the process.

My wife and I created a certified organic medicinal herb farm on Whidbey Island. We produced and sold herbal products for ten years.

Other dimensions in my life:

  • Photography, hiking, camping, fishing.
  • Birding with emphasis on raptors.
  • Taught home school kids (ages 8 – 18) math and computer science.
  • Assisted the ‘Falcon Research Group’ with projects concerning hawks, falcons, and eagles.
  • Field representative for the ‘Grizzly Bear Outreach Project’.
  • Custom knife maker.
  • Trained as a wilderness search and rescue dog team with my dog Carl.
  • Volunteer EMT.
  • Rode my mustang ‘Silver’ and appaloosa horse ‘Laurel’ throughout the North Cascade wilderness.

Today I live on Whidbey Island, previously in north central Washington. My happiest moments are when I am in the outdoors.

I have come to realize that creating a spiritual connection with nature through direct personal experience is a path to self awareness and understanding the world at a fundamental level.

This awareness can happen in a moment. When you have that experience you will truly “Be Amazed…”


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