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Which came first, the chicken or the cage?

On January 1, 2015 California law will require that chickens raised in cages commercially must have room to turn around and spread their wings! Almost every egg laying chicken in the US is raised in a “battery cage”.

Chickens are cramed into these cages. Each has approximately 67 square inches of floor space. An 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper is 94 square inches. That means you can raise three chickens on two pieces of paper side by side!

Chickens packed into battery cage.

Chickens packed into battery cage.

The average life span for each chicken is two years. Two years couped in these horrible conditions in cages stacked in barns without windows. During that time most develop calcium defienciecies that deterioate their leg and spine bones so they cannot even stand up. Many die in the cage from dehydration, they can’t get to the water.

For ten years I had an organic farm. We raised chickens for eggs and meat. They free ranged outside during the day and spent nights in a coupe. No cages. They lived about five years and were happy. Today I eat organic eggs which are free ranged. Yes, they cost more. But what price do we pay to raise food the absolute cheapest without any regard for the animal.

Chickens, like most birds, are highly inteligent. If you have spent time with chickens you know they have individual personalities.

How big will the new cages be? Most growers are pushing for the European standard of 116 square inches per chicken. That still seems small to me.

Washington and Oregon are passing similar laws, yet six other states are suing California to get the law invalidated because their battery cage raised chickens cannot be imported into California.

Raising chickens for food under these conditions is not only unethical, it’s spiritually wrong. We should treat our fellow beings with more respect and give thanks for the gift of their meat.

Human nature amazingly incorrect…