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Carl’s float trip

Every February I start to wish for summertime weather. I spend the winter in Seattle and the summer in the mountains of North Central Washington. It can get pretty hot there. Fortunately the higher up into the mountains you go, the cooler the air becomes. This is do to the ideal gas law which states that as you compress a gas it becomes hotter and as a gas expands it becomes cooler. Now up the mountain, air (the gas) is under less pressure so it expands and gets cooler. At high elevations summer can be as chilly as winter.

So here’s the story……. Meet Carl


Carl is a retired wilderness Search and Rescue dog. He loves the mountains, but he really loves water.

Carl in creek

It was July, very hot, when we rode horses to South Pass. Ten miles of brutal switchbacks on a south facing slope. We then hiked a half mile to an unnamed lake to fish. These high lakes are seldom visited and are full of hungry trout. Even in July the lake was just starting to thaw.

By this time Carl is pretty hot and tired. He decided that a float trip was the best way to chill out!

Carl on ice

Amazing how smart dogs can be. I fished and he drifted around the lake. When it was time to leave, Carl dove off his little iceberg and swam to shore.

Experience nature and Be Amazed…