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Creation of a beach

Walking along the beach, we came upon a slide that blocked our path. Recent heavy rain had saturated the bluff causing a huge avalanche to tumble into the sea. The slide was about eight foot high and at least 100 feet long.

Already waves from passing ships were working to redistribute the material from the slide.

This is part of a continuing process where the bluff erodes and creates new beach to walk.

Get out there and be amazed…

Of Men and Mountains

Often we walk on this Whidbey Island beach that faces south. On a clear day you can see both Seattle and Mount Rainier. Seattle is at least sixty miles closer than Rainier.

Notice how tiny Seattle looks in comparision to the mountain!

If you have been in downtown Seattle, you know how large the buildings are and how vast an area is developed. Yet compared to Rainier, the city is puny.

Reflect on how humbling our creations are compared to nature.

Get out there and be amazed…