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Organic Farm School Final Harvest Day

It was a gorgeous day at the Geenbank farm on Whidbey island. We were walking the dogs on the land that was once a loganberry farm. 

Located on one edge of the property is the certified organic farm and home of the Organic Farm School Program. Young people from all over the US attend this 8 month school that teaches organic farming techniques.


It was the last week of school and the students were harvesting their final bounty to sell to the public.

I chatted as they picked amazing kale, lettuce and carrots. Each had an amazing experience and were planning to find jobs on existing organic farms or start their own farm. One person was remaining on Whidbey Island to manage the South Whidbey School Farm and Garden Program.

Get out there and be amazed…

Raptor Day

Recently about 100 folks showed up at the Pacific Rim Institute on Whidbey Island to view a demonstration from local falconers. They were treated to awesome flying and a chance to talk to the falconers and get up close and personal with the birds of prey.

Steve, Sue and Brad put on quite a show. Three falcons and a Harris hawk entertained the group. The birds swooped and dove over the heads of the crowd as they attacked the lures flown by the falconers.

Afterward everyone had an opportunity to meet and greet.

The kids stood in awe of these magnificent birds.

It was an experience they will never forget.

Get out there and be amazed…

Of Men and Mountains

Often we walk on this Whidbey Island beach that faces south. On a clear day you can see both Seattle and Mount Rainier. Seattle is at least sixty miles closer than Rainier.

Notice how tiny Seattle looks in comparision to the mountain!

If you have been in downtown Seattle, you know how large the buildings are and how vast an area is developed. Yet compared to Rainier, the city is puny.

Reflect on how humbling our creations are compared to nature.

Get out there and be amazed…