Nature is a spiritual experience, take the path

AndPet HartsHike04You can develop a spiritual relationship with nature through direct personal experience.

The physical world and the spiritual world cannot be separated. They are inter-related at all levels of existence.

We are stewards of the earth. All the animals and plants are inter-related at a deep and fundamental level with the ecological systems of the earth. This relationship is both physical and spiritual. Our relationships with each other are also part of our natural world.

But wait! It’s a new age, the digital age. When we are plugged in, our world becomes the virtual reality of the smartphone, computer or the digital stream of multimedia flowing into our consciousness. This digital divide increasingly separates us from the natural world.

Our relationship to the natural world is becoming a distant echo.

Many of us struggle with the impact of technology on our social values and spiritual foundation. We are impacted by the conflict between religious belief and scientific theory. The tensions resulting from this conflict have reached global proportions.

Science and religion are just tools to explore your own relationship to the world. Think of science as a tool to explain the physical world and religion as a tool to explain the spiritual world. These tools still do not answer the fundamental questions: “Who am I?”, “What is the meaning of my life?”, “What is my relationship to the world in which I live?”.

You must dig beneath science and religion to a fundamental level of awareness in order to answer these questions. Knowing nature directly is a path to reach this fundamental level.

Humanity has recently reached a milestone. More of us now live in cities than in the country. City people simple do not have many opportunities to relate directly with nature. Urban environments and the frantic pace of life create too many distractions.

We increasingly relate to nature as depicted on TV, YouTube, books or looking out the window of the car. Many of us are living a life without any relationship with nature. Many opportunities present themselves each day to relate directly to nature. You must be aware of them in order to benefit from their experience.

Human population growth, technological advance and information overload is drastically affecting the world in which we live. During the last 100 years the growth and development of humanity has surpassed the total sum of the previous history of mankind. This change is exponential and many believe we will reach a ‘technological singularity’ in the next few decades during which human existence as we know it will be transformed into something new, something that does not include direct experience with nature as a fundamental component.

Human population in 1950 was 2.5 billion people. By 2050 we can expect to have over 10 billion neighbors. That’s a big increase (400 percent)! And each of us wants a lifestyle that uses many times the energy and natural resources of our 1950 neighbors. This increase is profoundly affecting the natural world in a destructive way. The need to harvest more and more resources to satisfy this growth is not sustainable. We are pushing out of existence many other species, destroying ecosystems and profoundly affecting the climate in which we live in ways that may threaten our very own existence.

Let us not lose our connection with the natural and spiritual world in which we live. Start with awareness and intent and you will see opportunities in your daily life, no matter how simple or small, to create your personal relationship with nature through direct experience.

A personal relationship with nature will develop a direct spiritual connection. This spiritual connection is the only way to understand nature at the deepest level, the level that exists within your soul.

When you touch that level you will instantly  “Be Amazed…”


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